Thursday, June 17, 2010

Costco Truckload Closeout Liquidation of Apparel

Ten pallet truckload of closeout liquidation apparel i just finished. The closeout liquidation apparel was from Costco warehouse's excess inventory. I paid seven thousand dollars for the ten pallets of closeout apparel. The apparel was in very good condition. Costco Liquidation Truckloads are priced for profit.
Their were about six hundred pieces of clothing per pallet. I sold the pallets for nine hundred per pallet. Four different customers purchased the closeout liquidation apparel pallets.All sales were made in three days of receiving the truckload. I made two thousand dollars profit in three days.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wholesale Childrens Clothing from Wal-Marts Overstock Liquidation Inventories

A container of wholesale Children's clothing was purchased from Wal-Mart's Liquidation Inventories. We hand loaded the container with overstock, closeout and customer returns kids apparel. It took twenty-seven pallets of salvage kids cloths to fill the sea going box.
Each pallet of wholesale liquidation apparel had between three hundred and five hundred pieces of children's cloths. The wholesale lots from Wal-Mart's liquidation Inventories were a mixture of private label and national brands.
I paid seventeen thousand for the pallets of apparel. This was a good price for this wholesale lot of liquidated children's apparel. The customer in El Salvador paid me $28,000 for the container of clothing. That is nearly $10,000 profit. I paid for people $100 each to hand load the container with the wal-mart liquidation cloths.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wholesale Apparel Pallets of Overstock Womans Bathing Suits from Macy's Excess Inventory

I purchased five overstock wholesale apparel pallets. The wholesale lot of apparel was from Macy's Overstock Department store's excess inventory. The liquidation merchandise was Woman's bathing suits. Their were 500 bathing suits on each pallet. I paid four thousand eight hundred dollars for the wholesale lot of overstock apparel.
The retail price on the apparel was twenty-five to sixty dollars per piece.I sold the pallets to three different customers. I charged two thousand dollars per pallet.I sold all the merchandise in three days. Five thousand dollars profit on the overstock apparel.

Monday, June 22, 2009

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wholesale Childrens Clothing Truckload of 10 Surplus Apparel Pallets from Macys

10 pallets of Wholesale childrens apparel just arrived in my warehouse. This truckload of wholesale childrens apparel was from Macy's liquidation program.The childrens clothing pallets are overstock apparel. Overstock apparel is new merchandise. Closeout and overstock are much better than customer returns.Customer returns have been returned and can have problems.
I paid $19,000 for the truckload of wholesale childrens apparel. I pre-sold the pallets of overstock kids cloths for three thousand dollars per pallet. I cherry picked about 200 pieces of the truckload of closeout apparel. I will sell the closeout pieces on ebay. The pallets were sold to six different customers. The last pallet was just picked up. I made $11,000 profit plus the 200 pieces of wholesale childrens apparel that i will sale on ebay. This made for a profitable morning.
That is why I am the closeout king!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wholesale Childrens Summer Clothing a Good Truckload of Overstock

I just purchased ten pallets of wholesale children's clothing The pallets of overstock kids apparel had 400 pieces on each pallet.I paid four thousand eight hundred dollars for the ten pallets of wholesale clothing. My costs was a little mor than a dollar per item.
I sold the pallets of wholesale childrens apparel for eight hundred dollars per pallet The total sales for the truckload of surplus wholesale apparel was eight thousand dollars.I sold all pallets in ten days. The profit on this truckload was three thousand two hundred dollars. All sales were cash. A nice little truckload of wholesale overstock childrens summer clothing.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wholesale Apparel 6 Pallets from A Liquidator

Wholesale Apparel I bought from a liquidator was good. Their were six pallets of surplus below wholesale clothing on this small truckload. Three of the pallets were women's wholesale apparel.
Two pallets of the wholesale clothing were men's Apparel. The last pallet was accessories.
The pallets of cloths had approximately 500 pieces of apparel on each pallet. I paid $4,500 for the pallets of apparel. The average costs per piece was $1.25. First I cherry picked the load of mixed apparel. I pulled about eight hundred piec es of clothing from this wholesale lot. I sold these items in my $5 dollar clothing outlet. This brought me $4000 . The rest of the lot of apparel I made 100 piece case lots. I sold them to customers of mine that sell apparel at a local flea market. I charged $200 per case. This brought me $4,400 . This made me an overall profit of $3,900

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Closeouts and Liquidation Truckloads from Best Buy Electronics

Best Buy electronics closeouts and liquidation inventories are very profitable. When purchasing these closeouts from best buy use caution. The closeout truckloads of surplus electronics can be good or bad. Recently I puurchased eighteen pallet truckload of surplus closeout electronics from best buy electronics. There were both surplus closeout electronics and customer returns pallets of electronics.
The closeouts were new merchandise. These were the good liquidation merchandise. The customer returns electronics were the bad liquidation surplus electronics merchandise. That is why I say use caution when buying liquidation surplus electronics.